Clare Fuller
Hamilton Grace

We took up The MRP Group’s offer of free assistance. They have helped us negotiate agreements with our landlords, and assisted in stabilising our cash flow during uncertain times. They were a great help to our company!

Mr Ranjan
Dreams Unlimited - Managing Director

I would like to give a big shoutout to Max Thorne from MRP Group for making a huge difference for us in an extremely stressful situation.


I received a generic email from MRP out of the blue offering to assist any Serviced Accommodation operator in reviewing, negotiating and proposing operational solutions to ensure their business maintains inventory at a diminished or even a zero-rent basis.


At this time of global crisis, when I was left with zero cashflow and growing debt through rent and bills that still needed to be paid and lawyers asking upwards of £1000 just to review my lease to advise what rights I may have, MRP was offering this service free of charge and this was God sent for me!


I reached out immediately and Max was on phone with me the next morning itself. It was comforting just speaking to him and knowing that he had my back. He offered to take on negotiating with the leaseholder of the block of properties I had recently taken over and through a series of conversations we were successful in bringing the rent down to 30% of contracted terms (no deferral but actual rent reduction) till the time Covid 19 lockdown is in progress!


I can’t thank and recommend Max and MRP enough for the blessing they have been for me, my family and my business.

Anyone who is struggling with similar circumstances – don’t suffer in silence – Pls reach out to MRP immediately. They are awesome!

Alex Begun
Glenwell Group - Partner

The MRP Group have shared an abundance of knowledge and expertise, which have been of great benefit to our company. My experience of working with Max in particular, has been that of a true professional.


Mark Callacher
Director - Mantra

In the last few months we have been working closely with the MRP Group and they haven’t failed to impress. Throughout our time working together I have found them to be nothing but professional, approachable and efficient. I would highly recommend and will be working with them again in the future.

Ufi Ibrahim
Chief Executive - British Hospitality Association

I have known and worked with Max Thorne and the MRP Group for many years and my experience with them has been of a very professional company and individual.

Max is a trustworthy individual and a true professional who has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the British Hospitality Association as well as many commercial insights to the organisation.

Andrew Brown
Managing Director - Portland Brown

Portland Brown have worked with Max Thorne and the MRP Group for several years and have always found them diligent, reliable and deliver as presented.

I have no hesitation in recommending them and would be happy to be contacted if required.


Neil Fernandez
Managing Director - Citystay Limited

Max’s extensive knowledge of the national property market and the business sector we operate within, have proven to be invaluable. His expertise, diligent approach, and use of contacts have assisted Citystay in reviewing, devising and implementing our future growth plans.
Worthy of special note is Max’s honest, reliable and transparent communications which allow for business to be conducted confidently and without concern.

Scott Hamilton
Managing Director - Clarendon

Max has been advising us on strategic property matters since 2015. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about the UK Serviced Apartments sector, has a deep understanding of its dynamics and a wide and up to date network of key property and operator contacts

Aga Khan Foundation

We have recently worked with Max Thorne to facilitate the long-term block-letting of 25 of our apartments. Over the course of this transaction we were very pleased with Max’s input, his evident market knowledge and the way the transaction was efficiently progressed to a successful conclusion.

Steven Hesketh
Chief Executive Officer - The Know Group

Max is a trustworthy individual and a true professional who has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to my business as well as many commercial opportunities.

Paul Wells
Associate - Dexter Moren Associates

I have had the pleasure of working with Max on a number of schemes and find him to be both an approachable and amenable client with a keen eye on design and the value good quality products can add. I look forward to a long a fruitful relationship as he steers the Beyonder Brand through its initial launch and onto the market.


Lisa Evans
Advisor - Flatfair, deposit-free renting

I am fortunate to have known Max for over 15 years. During the years that I was in the property industry, I had the pleasure of working with Max on a number of transactions. He was always a delight to deal with and he was honest, fair, professional and fun at all times. He’s clearly and rightfully very well respected in the serviced apartment/hospitality sectors.

Taran Chhabra
Director-Development & Strategy at JNB Group

I have always been impressed with Max’s pragmatic and effective style of management. Max possesses a unique ability to foster respect from multiple constituencies with his knowledge, communication style, and sense of perspective . . . not to mention his wit!


Jackie Smyth
Director - JPS Coaching & Consulting

Max combines a rare combination of qualities in his work – real entrepreneurialism, with trustworthiness and professionalism. His energy, his ability to solve problems and the way he tackles new probjects make him a quite a force in the property world – as well as very exciting to work with. The speed at which he has built up SACO bears testimony to this.

Lucienne Mosquera MIH
Director - Ampere Hospitality
I have had the great pleasure of working with Max on a number of projects. Max is super focused and very talented and experienced. His advise is no-nonsense and always spot-on. Ignore it at your own peril!
Penelope Victoria
Head Of Finance - Kano Computing

Max is an astute and highly experienced professional, a great leader and extremely knowledgeable. I cannot recommend max highly enough. Working under Max’s umbrella has inspired me to reach higher heights and accept only the best.